4 Stories [Series]: Library

I’d like to introduce you to Freckled Nest’s new Group Blog Series called 4 Stories. Every weekend, I’ll announce a topic and share my 4 stories that relate to it… and you’re invited to join me that week and blog four of your stories about the same topic & link to it in the comments… we can Group Blog!

one. Mecca
The library was my mecca. I could read from a very young age (shout out to my mom for starting me young!) and having as many books by my side was my drug of choice. I had a bookshelf full of different books and I was always an avid reader. When I was old enough to walk to the library with my friends, I would spent hours upon hours and they would even ditch me because I was there too long. Yup, walked home by myself on many occasions. The librarians knew me by name when I walked in… it was great.

two. Library Day Camp
Forget going to an actual out-of-the-city-and-in-the-wilderness camp… My idea of a day camp was heading to the library to participate in the summer day camps. It was so much fun. There were snacks, drinks, arts & crafts, book reading… it was so much fun. I still have the time capsule we made at one of the camps. It’s still unopened.

three. Limits
Was I the only one who despised the limits on how many books you were allowed to take out? I felt like it was an insult to my intelligence where that a little girl, aged 8, couldn’t read more than three books at a time because it might screw her up! The nerve of them! My mom finally went in to let them know that they could take the limit out. She even argued with one librarian (she was a snob) that I could read three books at one time and it would only take me a week to finish them. Then there was the “kids can only read in the kids section”, “pre-teens in the pre-teen” and so on. I’ve always been two-three reading levels above the norm for the age groups. So when I was in the first grade, I could read at a grade three level. By the time I reached the fourth grade I was reading pre-teen and my mom and to go in and let them know I could read pre-teen (this is where I found my love for “Sweet Valley High”); by the time the seventh grade rolled around I was allowed to venture in to the adult section – Shakespeare and biographies were my game!

four. haunted
I swear the library I went to was haunted. I had this eerie vibe every time I entered and I hated going in to the basement (where the summer camp was held and where the photocopier was). Every time I was in the basement it felt like someone was watching me and there was no one around to be found. One day when I was in the basement photocopying stuff out of the encyclopedia for a school assignment, it felt like someone with a cold hand touched my shoulder. I turned around to give them a piece of my mind when… nobody was there! In the words of Ellen DeGeneres, “It freaked my freak”. I still think it’s haunted.


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