Summer Reading


I’ve said it many, many times. I am no longer a huge reader. I lose interest easily and since I have a lot of textbooks to read, anything for leisure is typically put on hold.

This time around, I’m changing that. I think it would be good for my brain to take a break from reading textbooks by reading something for leisure. Change it up, even though I still have to read those pesky books for a little bit longer.

My friend Vanessa recently told her friends that she was purging some of the books she had. I asked if I could have “The Help” (I’ve been trying to get it on my iPod but it’s taking forever) and she said absolutely. I got the book from her today and I am looking forward to reading it this summer. It’s going to be my goal to read it before September and not take two years to read (I took me two years to finish reading “The Glass Castle”).

I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it is. I love sharing good books with people.

What is on your summer reading list? Have you read “The Help”? Will you be watching the movie adaptation?


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