Week in the Life: 2011 project by Ali Edwards

(Courtesy of Ali Edwards)

This is my first official year participating in “Week in the Life 2011”. It’s a seven-day documentary project to capture the everyday details of your life with words and photos. I tried to participate in this last year, but it fell apart after day two. I started it the week of my weeklong vacation and first official full week of summer work. This project can be achieved by scrapbooking your week or even digitally. This year I am going to construct my project digitally.

“Week in the Life” starts July 25 and will end the following Sunday, July 31. I’m really excited about this project because it will encapsulate my last week of school and my road trip to North Dakota. I should have a lot of content with words and photos and I am so excited about this prospect.

You can check out the project by clicking the icon to the right of this sidebar. If you like participating in things like this, this project is the perfect opportunity to share with your readers (perfect for bloggers!) on your day-to-day activities, allowing them to get to know you a little more better. Visiting the post from last year will give you some great suggestions from other participants on how to start the project, tools to use, etc. They’re all suggestions, but participating in this project on how you want to do it is all up to you!

I hope you can join us in the wonderful project. It’s a great way of documenting the little things and some wonderful memories.


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