Minneapolis or Bust: Wishing & Hoping

Over the last little weeks I have been praying that my trip to Minneapolis in a few weeks will come to fruition. I’ve hit a snag on the job front and with no job comes no money. I’m hoping that in the next little while I can get some callouts to pay for bills and to put money away for my trip. I really want to visit the fair, I’m praying that everything turns out okay.

I’ve got a sweet, sweet hotel room booked (with thanks to my aunt) and I’ve decided to cut costs and not rent a car, but take mine. Taking my own car saves me $300 in rental fees, all I have to pay for is gas and my car has excellent gas mileage (I only hit 3/4 tank when I get to Grand Forks, 1/2 at Fargo, fill there). I don’t have to eat out for breakfast as the hotel as a complimentary breakfast (with eggs, pancakes, etc) every morning. I can make sandwiches for lunch and stick them in the fridge in the hotel room. A friend of mine gave me great tips on how to save money when on vacation, when it comes to dining out. If you want to eat dinner out every day, go to the grocery store to buy things like yogurt, cheese sticks, etc, and take them with you when you’re out for the day – this you can snack on until dinner. Last year on my Minneapolis trip, I took extra yogurt from the complementary breakfast and brought it with  me until we could find somewhere to eat after our excursions. My room has a kitchenette in it, so it comes with a stove and full-size fridge. I can go to the grocery store buy food and eat in my room!

Now when I travel, I don’t like shopping much. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I’d rather save my money to dine out and see fun things. I want to save my money for the far and eat as much things on a stick as I can get away with (I think that will be a cheat day for me!). I have a few reservations made for dinner, lunch can be either brought with me or picked up if I’m at, say, the mall.

I really want this trip to work out. I want to hang out with my friends at the fair and enjoy the fun that people say they have when there. Please oh please trip and money Gods… let this work out for me. I want to meet some fascinating people and have a good time!


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