Weekend Recap… digging this no school thing!

Now that school is done and I have the weekends all to myself, I’ve been finding things to do that I am really enjoying. You’re probably also wondering there the heck I am. You’d think that now that I’m done with school, I’d be blogging more. Wrong. I’m actually working. I started Thursday, so I’ve been quite busy. It’s a temporary position, but it’s money that is getting bills paid and my trip just might happen after all! I’m re-writing a manual for a company, it’s something that I am actually enjoying. The company is super laid back, a great working environment and the client is super chill. He walked in to my office mid-Friday morning to say not to worry about rushing to get that days work done because he hadn’t produced the other parts of the manual yet. He also says not to worry about rushing at all because we want it to be accurate. He also doesn’t have a deadline of when he wants it done, he just wants it to look spectacular and, most importantly, be accurate. I’ve got my iPod so the days go by really fast. I get to work early, get to leave work early. It’s nice.

After work on Friday I was super tired, which for the rest of the evening, I just plopped on the sofa and did nothing. I think I even went to bed early. My body and brain is still getting used to waking up early.

Saturday morning I slept in to about 11am and when I woke up, I had a splendid idea. Take a small road trip to just north of the city and enjoy a hot dog, fries and ice cream. My parents were on board… we haven’t done a spur of the moment drive like that in years. So off to Lockport we went. We ate lunch at our favorite place – Skinner’s (single dog with the works for me topped off with a chocolate and vanilla swirl soft serve cone!). We went there almost every second or third weekend when my sister and me were little. The interior hasn’t changed, the old pinball machines haven’t been replaced and the food still tastes the same as I remember it. It was also a great outing for my parents. They’re stuck in the home most of the time, only going out for doctor’s appointments and when I take them grocery shopping, so it was nice to seem them get out of the house, enjoy a hot dog and the scenic view.

After lunch we headed back home, but first we stopped off at a roadside vegetable stand that we always went to. We were able to get a really great selection of fresh vegetables (local is the only way for us to go in the summers… fresh produce and since it’s local, it’s affordable) – eggplant, zucchini, onions, dill, cucumbers (we’re going back soon for pickling cucumbers to do some canning this fall) and peppers. The little stand smells so good, the smell of fresh vegetables… oh… that smell takes me back to being five years old and helping my parents pick out vegetables that were too big for my little hand to hold. The old man and his wife (well, now they’re old but when you’re five… they’re old) would always ask me what vegetables I was holding and even yesterday, he asked me the same question (I was holding a new hybrid of eggplant). I wonder if he remembered me. For dinner that night I steam grilled some zucchini and eggplant. Simply, delicious. We capped an excellent day with an excellent evening by watching “Rio” and munching on popcorn.

Sunday was simple. Did absolutely nothing (except stop at the pharmacy) but make a spectacular breakfast and relax. Dad put a roast in the oven (oh man.. the smell was so mouth watering!) and I put a load of laundry in our new machine (I’m really digging it!).

Now that I’m done school my weekends don’t seem chaotic. They’re laid back and relaxed with things that I want to do and things that I don’t have to do (ahem, school work). Next weekend should be even more fun… Friday night movie night with my sister and our cousin and a few of my friends, next Saturday I feel like packing up some sandwiches, fruits and veggies and having a picnic in the park with next Sunday being just as quiet as today.

This no school thing… I’m starting to like it!


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