It was another successful weekend of doing whatever I wanted. It was a really great weekend and I got to spend some of my time with one of my favorite people in the world.

Friday night after a long day of work I headed down to a local park to partake in the weekly “Friday Night Movies in the Park”. It’s a great idea and the reception has been phenomenal. Every Friday in August two movies are played on a huge screen in the park, concessions are available and it’s a great night to get the family together to watch a movie. Everyone brings a lawn chair (or rent one for $2) or a blanket, their own snacks and relax while watching a movie. At 7pm it’s a kid friendly movie, followed by a teen/adult friendly movie. The night I went, it was “Ice Age 2”. Yup, at 28 that is how I roll!

I was joined by the fabulous Vanessa, who also shared with me that she is now engaged! SQUEAL! Yup, she’s engaged and I could not be happier for her. I made popcorn, bought Twizzlers and soda; sat in my lawn chair, Vanessa on a blanket and enjoyed the movie. Everyone was so polite and respectful of everyone’s space – both personal and viewing. It was just a great environment and we both had a great time.

Saturday I slept in and took my dad grocery shopping later in the day. Spend the rest of the night vegging on the couch. That is now my favorite thing to do now, vegging on the couch and not caring about anything.

Sunday I tried to sleep in, but by 9 am I was pretty much awake. I stayed in bed until 10 and then ventured downstairs, made breakfast and watched, “The Boiler Room”. After showering and plucking some much needed eyebrows (tried growing them in a bit more)… it was off to the mall for me and my sister. Forever 21, Bath and Body Works, Payless. Didn’t buy anything – that’s reserved for payday on Friday. I found a cute necklace and pair of earrings at Forever 21 that I’m going to buy and wear to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday. I’m trying to find a pair of shoes at Payless that I have my eyes set on, but didn’t see them today. I might check Aldo out instead. I made a mental note in Bath and Body Works for items I want to buy in Minneapolis (it’s always cheaper in the U.S.).

I can successfully check off another great weekend. Why can’t they last longer? Anyone in favor of creating another weekend day? Funday sounds about right!


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