Hashtag fail

I am disappointed to inform my readers that I failed the Sociology class yet again. I had to get a 60% in order to pass the class, and I failed it by 5%. Five freaking percent! No matter how hard I try, my brain does not get this class – it still thinks it is a math class, when only the second term is.

I had a meeting with the Arts department to discuss this issue and to see what could happen. Apparently I misunderstood the conversation earlier this year when they said I could argue this class for graduation. There was no documentation of what was said, so it looks like I misunderstood that conversation. No, I quite clearly understood what was said. I would have to fight a two-year suspension and come back to take the class over. I told them that I can guarantee them, no matter how hard I tried, I would still fail the class. I’ve taken this class four times… and failed. Isn’t that proof enough? In the 9th grade, I had to do first and second grade math in order to pass that year. Yes, I had to get help from a teacher who was willing to tutor and in order to pass, I was given first and second grade math. Humiliating to say the least.

Even this is disappointing news, I am not going to let it get me down. I have come too far to let this fail and to let this get me down. I am still going to continue this fight.

(The title of this post is in tribute to NDP leader, Jack Layton, who passed away yesterday morning after a short battle with cancer. His declaration of “hash-tag fail” at the election debate was hilarious. He will be missed.)


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