Letting go.

I will admit it. Since I was a kid I slept with a night-light. At first it was because I was afraid of the dark, but then as I aged it was all about safety. No seriously, I’m serious. I am notoriously clumsy and my room would get so pitch black that I couldn’t see my own two hands in front of me. I’ve stubbed my toes on the feet of the bed numerous times and after breaking one (while the lights were on), I needed that light to be there if I needed to get up in the middle of the night.

But lately, it has become a nuisance. I’m finding that as I get older, the light is only becoming a pain and will wake me up whenever I toss and turn to the direction of the light. Waking up two, three or even four times a night is not glamorous and when you’re exhausted, it doesn’t help waking up so often.

I’ve been wanting to rid of the light, but I’ve been so petrified of smashing my toes against something so I kept it on at night.

Until I went to Grand Forks in July.

When I stay at my cousin’s house, I sleep in the dark. A little bit of light comes through the basement window, but very little to allow me to sleep. I actually slept through the night for the duration of my stay, waking up refreshed in the morning. Ahhh, what a glorious change!

When I came back, it was time to unplug the night-light and let go. Sleep has never been so wonderful! I think I’ve woken up a few times, but I’m actually sleeping more than waking up. It’s great.

No more tossing and turning and trying to find a dark spot to hide in. I can sink and snuggle in to my bed.

I didn’t know getting “old” would be difficult. (That’s humor people, don’t take it seriously. I actually like becoming older.)


1 thought on “Letting go.”

  1. ya you’ll think like that just until you stub your toe once more in the dark…then it will return..the reason to have that damn little light…lmao…life happens just that way…


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