It’s the little things…. Part Deux

When I woke up Friday morning I had a nice little surprise waiting for me. This. I am now the proud new owner of a Magic Bullet thanks to my sweet sister. It was a thank you gift from her for me helping her in the last little while. My sister has been going through some rough things and being the loving sister that I am, I’ve helped her out all through it. She didn’t have to do this, but it really is a sweet gesture and I really appreciate it.

I’ve always wanted one of these. No, seriously. I despise pulling out our huge blender just to make one cup of smoothie to drink. Plus, ours is circa late 1980’s so it’s on its way out. I’m surprised it lasted this long. I’m sure the smell of rubber and a grinding motor is a dead giveaway for it trying to expire. I’m excited to make smoothies, salsa and other things…. like, frozen margarita’s! In the words of Wayne and Garth… party time, excellent!

I’m finding that as I get older, the most little things like this (and new washing machines) are making me happy. Now get me a George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine and I will do a jig. No, seriously… I will.


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