Long Weekend Recap: F is for Farmer’s Markets and Firemen

Oh what a long weekend. I am so thankful for the extra weekend days, aren’t you? It’s always nice to just sit back and really enjoy the weekend and finally get around to those projects you’ve been meaning to get to, but couldn’t, because you didn’t have enough time. Next month is the last month with a long weekend (Christmas doesn’t technically count) until February for us here in Manitoba. I’m not really getting to excited about that, not a fan of winter (not since I broke my arm thanks to it).

Friday I was recovering from a pulled muscle in my upper back thanks to my bum shoulder. That muscle has become so weak that it’s now affecting the muscles in my back that surround the shoulder. I spent most of it in bed and then moved to the couch to watch television. Not much excitement that day.

Saturday morning sister and me headed to the two Farmer’s Markets in town to see what was out there. I only had my MasterCard and the only people who seem to take credit cards are the craft people. This Saturday I’m taking cash with me. I want homemade Saskatoon Berry pie. Nom. We were so tired that we came home early that afternoon and stayed there. That night I went to bed early and took my laptop with me to watch Mad Men DVDs. It was so nice to pile in to a comfy bed, snuggle under the blankets and have the cool fall-esque air blow through the window.

I love Sundays because you don’t have to go anywhere before noon. So I slept in for as long as I could (9:30), made breakfast (okay, popped two frozen pre-made pancakes in the toaster) and then after 12, I took my dad and sister grocery shopping. I wanted to make it back home before 3 so I could watch a documentary on PBS called “CSI on Trial”. It’s really good. No, it’s not about deconstructing the popular TV show.

Monday. Oh Monday. You acted like a typical Monday. The day started out fine. I slept in until 10, ate breakfast then got down to cleaning. When I moved back in I had moved a good majority of my stuff in to the basement. My bedroom was my sisters and that is a very small room. When my grandfather built this house it was an office/sewing room/guest room. When we moved in here, we turned it in to a guest room. When my sister was born, it was her nursery then subsequently, her room. I like my room the size it is. It made me downsize and just have the necessities and it prevented me from studying in my room… something that should be a no-no. You cannot study properly in a bedroom. So the basement is my area… I’m usually the only one who goes down there. It has my sofa and recliner, my TV and the office. I go to the basement to hide. It’s a great place to get away. So on Monday I finally went through the boxes that housed my books and junk drawer stuff. I threw away a LOT of junk and finally gave my books a proper home. I dusted and cleaned.

After cleaning I came back upstairs to eat lunch and no longer than five minutes later… the smoke detector went off. Holy crap, what did I set on fire and not know about? We have hard-wired detectors, so when one goes off… they all go off. I rushed in to the basement but there was no visible fire. No smoke, no smell of smoke and no smell of burning wood or wires. WHAT. THE. HELL. We tried resetting it, but nope. It kept going off, turning off, then going off again. We had to call 911. Only the fire department could save us. So out came the good old boys of the Winnipeg Fire Department (thank you guys… we appreciate it). We got everyone out, just in case there was a fire and we didn’t know. I showed them where the smoke detector was and they said that there was no evidence of a fire, not even in the walls. They said that the new hardwired detectors have the tendency of being faulty. Ours was installed a little cock-eyed, wasn’t quite flush on the ceiling, so they think that might have set it off. Then I told them I was cleaning up drywall dust from when they were installed (back in February. Yeah took me that long). The fireman said that could set them off especially if there’s a lot of dust since drywall dust is thick, like fire smoke.

So he reset it and said if it goes off again then it’s defective. He said resetting it should fix it. They left.


Ugh. Since we have a battery operated detector and they tested it, they said if it happened again we can disconnect it. So we did. As I walked upstairs and in to the kitchen… IT WENT OFF IN MY HAND. Yup, defected. So we took the battery out (the battery is still good) and called the electrician. That alarm is freaking loud. We all had a headache. I felt so guilty for possibly setting it off, but we were also glad we learned it was defective. I mean, what if something did catch on fire and it was so defective that it might not go off in a real emergency?! I was a little on edge for the rest of the day. However, I am really appreciative of the firemen. They responded really fast, made sure that there wasn’t a fire present and explained it to my dad who was outside when they were in the basement with me.

So after that I was really tired. I went back to work Tuesday so I went to bed at 10:00 after watching “Rizoli & Isles). Yeah, didn’t get much sleep thanks to the police helicopter being in the area the ENTIRE night and didn’t stop until 4:30am. Meh. So Tuesday at work, I was really tired.

What did you do this weekend? Set off any fire alarms?


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