Another wonderful weekend….

It was another great weekend. The weather cooperated and it was nice to get outside. It’s just nice being able to enjoy my weekends!

I had Friday off since I finished the client work on Thursday (I’ll probably be back later this week) and it allowed me to do some grocery shopping with the family to prepare for my mom’s birthday dinner on Saturday. It was just nice to sleep in, wake up around 10, make breakfast and then go out in the afternoon. That night I made homemade meatball subs… oh, nom!

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early, okay 8am, so I could head to the Farmer’s Market for when it opened at 9. First I made a stop at McDonald’s for a delicious Egg McMuffin breakfast (13 points on Weight Watchers)… gotta love coupons! I was surprised that the market was so busy that early! Usually when I go at 11 it is quiet, but at 9am it sure is busy! I purchased pickling cucumbers, large beets, small beets (for pickling), zucchini, organic quinoa and dainties. This one lady who has a table there makes the best dainties… I purchased matrimonial cake for my mom and butter tarts for myself.

The birthday barbecue was a success. Long time family friends came over to celebrate with us and that made it even more wonderful. Steaks, macaroni salad, potato salad, pickles, veggies followed by homemade cupcakes made by my talented sister. My mom really enjoyed her day.

Sunday I met up with L.L., Emily and Rachel for some girl talk time and cake. Cake is always delicious, but it’s always better when joined by girlfriends. I think every girl needs to have a cake date with her girlfriends once and a while. I came home to make dinner – meatloaf, left over potato salad and steamed zucchini all while watching the football game. I spent the remainder of the evening on the sofa and watched True Blood. Finally get to stay up to watch it since I’m not working Monday.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming week. I was granted library training so I know how to work the school libraries and have an even playing field when applying for library clerk positions (I applied for one and really want it!); last week I didn’t get to continue the assignment I accepted because I didn’t have the library training. I love working in the library. I also will probably be going back to update the completed manual for the client. Having money is always a good thing.

What did you do this weekend that you loved?!


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