Changes are a-coming.

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope that everyone had a relaxing and refreshing weekend. I sure did. I didn’t have a thing planned and it felt great! I did get some canning done which was my plan last week.

You might have noticed some changes as you clicked on over to this blog. I’ve got a new profile picture in the left hand side column and there’s a new blog header! I spent all day yesterday trying to redesign a new one, with a new background, but figured that the one I have already is perfect. On the right hand side I’ve removed the “Currently Reading & Watching” widget and added a “Blog of the Month” widget. I’ve been meaning to get around to that, but I’ve forgot every time I add something new.

Another thing that will change on this blog is there will be no more “memes”. No more “Ten on Tuesday”, no more “Fill in the Blank Friday’s” and no more “Currently” features. I want to focus on writing more and want to feature that instead of the memes. I’ve got a vision to take this blog in a whole new direction and with some hard work I hope that I can do that.

Continue to check in to the blog to see what changes will be coming. I want to start blogging with meaning and I hope that I can bring that to my dedicated readers.


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