Getting away from it all

To say my life has been quite chaotic lately, is an understatement. For a short time I was working two jobs, I was dealing with a huge blowout with the university and my life at home was also quite busy. I was becoming worn out, exhausted, grumpy and really quite tired. My fuse was getting shorter and shorter and I wasn’t sure how much longer it would be before I exploded. Typically I can handle stress quite well as I have always been the person to thrust themselves in to the leader role when things get tough, but it was becoming quite difficult to be a leader when this leader was running out of gas.

For the last two weeks I was debating on taking a small trip to the U.S. for a couple of days. One perfect weekend would be this past weekend when Grand Forks was celebrating its annual UND Potato Bowl, to honor college football. For the last four years (since purchasing a car) I’ve been meaning to head a few hours south to attend these fun festivities, but have always been thwarted in my efforts (school, work, illness, no money, etc.). This time, it had to be done.

On Friday afternoon after a long day of work, I came back home to pick up my stuff and headed to Grand Forks to visit family. We watched the parade on Saturday and went out for lunch. It was a little piece of small town Americana that I loved partaking in. The whole city (looked like it!) came out to watch this amazing parade. Everyone had fun and no one really cared if the weather was a little on the chilly side. I don’t think the kids even noticed… they were too busy chasing after the candy that was being thrown about. Went to Target, Walmart and Sam’s Club. Spend a lunch hour at a local park… but mostly what we wanted to accomplish was rest.

It was the prescription I needed, too. I too was able to forget, de-stress and desensitize myself from everything that has been going on lately and just have fun. My battery has been recharged, my mind cleared and my soul rejuvenated.

Sometimes it’s just a little weekend getaway to somewhere not far away (or sometimes far away) that can fix things for you. Have you tried it lately?

Where do you like to go when your life seems to be getting a little crazy? If you can’t get away, what do you like to do at home to “forget it all”?


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