The Battle of Hay

Hands up if you have been having one heck of a year with allergies. Yes, this girl right here has been. Allergy season started super early this year for me, beginning in March. Typically, for where I live, the allergies are at bay until at least end of April or the beginning of May. No. March. Freaking, March! It was that way for a lot of my friends too. The snow has barely melted and our allergies are already flaring up. No fun. Grass was the biggest culprit and because our summer was hot, humid and didn’t rain much anyone with grass allergies were forced indoors or forced to be medicated.

I have  really bad outdoor allergies – pollen, Birch and Alder trees. Mold and ragweed will send me in to a tailspin of watery, itchy eyes, a sneezing fit and a nose that won’t stop running. The air conditioning to save us from the humidity was my friend as it kept outdoor allergens out. I tried every single OTC allergy medication that was available and even took my prescription a month early. Claritin and Aerius don’t work. Reactine… well… went from knocking me out to keeping me up all night and not really doing anything. A new Benedryl worked but you can only take it every 8 hours. My doctor prescribed me a new allergy medication which is originally meant for stomach acid issues, but can block histamines. After finding this out from the pharmacist, I refused. I did some research and found that if you take antacids when you don’t need them it can cause digestion issues down the road.

My face took the brunt of this battle. My nose swells up to three times its size and the right side of my face becomes so swollen that I look like Shrek on my bad days. Once the cool weather began to take over the prairies, I breathed a sigh of relief. The swelling was going away and my allergies were at bay.

That was until I went on vacation over the weekend. I woke up Saturday feeling like I was on the verge of getting a cold. I felt it right in the back of my throat (no pain, just a funny feeling) and the back of my nose. Oh great. I’m 250 miles away from home and I’m getting a cold. Lovely. Sunday morning came and it hit me like a semi truck. Stuffy nose, stuffy head and plugged ears. Paying more attention to the symptoms I learned it wasn’t a cold but rather hay fever. Hay fever typically attacks allergy sufferers around this time. It’s due to the haying season but other allergens can rustle up hay fever. I’ve had hay fever before but nothing this severe. Well, that’s not the truth. I was six the last time it was this bad and it was followed by a bad case of bronchitis. I was so miserable and missed so much school. It sucked.

I popped a ton of Benedryl to take the edge off and prayed that it wouldn’t get worse. It did. It wasn’t until I crossed back in to my home province and it started to get better. However, the next morning I woke up and it was worse. Reactine took the edge off and I had less of a stuffed nose but I felt like crap. My nose is twice its size and my face is swollen. My nose is stuffed and my ears are plugged. HUH? WHAT’S THAT YOU SAID? Yeah, partially deaf in both ears and I can’t stop sneezing.

So here I lie in my bed. Feeling like complete crap, drained of energy, crabby and sick of being sick from allergies. If I go out people look at me as if I have a deathly cold (try explaining to them it’s just allergies) and that I’m going to pass on the plague.

Tea. Tissue. Allergy Meds. Blankets and puppy cuddles are taking the edge off and helping me in the process of healing. Bleah.

Any one else going through this battle? What has the allergy season been like for you? Any survival tips?




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