Giveaway partnership opportunity

Source: weheartit.com via Leslie on Pinterest

November is next month and November is my birthday month. This is my last year in my twenties and I’m actually kind of glad I’ll be turning 30 next year. My twenties were challenging, full of many ups and downs, new job adventures, new friends and medical emergencies. I find that I am having more fun now that I did in my early and mid-twenties.

I have some things planned for the month of November and included in that I want to have my very first giveaway. This is where I am calling upon my blogger/crafting/entrepreneur friends. If you have an Etsy store, craft or are have a business such as design (not limited to), I would like to partner with you to host a giveaway. Some people have a giveaway a day during their birth month leading up to their birth day, but mine is the 28th and I don’t think I could do a giveaway for 28 days. I would like to do, maybe four, but if I can’t… one giveaway would be swell.

If you are a crafter, have an Etsy shop, or your own business and would like to promote yourself/your business and participate in the giveaway, send me an email at thisnorthernbelle at gmail dot com for more details! I would love to partner with you!


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