Facing the fork in the road

Source: flickr.com via Heather on Pinterest

Mr. Berra is pretty smart. When you take that fork int he road, you never know where it’s going to take you. Life is all about taking chances. Take it and see where it takes you. Easy, right?


I’m at a stand still with my career and it’s a little frustrating. No, it’s not frustrating… it’s confusing. Actually, I don’t know how to describe it. So perhaps I’ll explain it.

I love my job. I love where I work (that I get to work all over the city), I love that I get to work with different people (sometimes the same) every day, and I get to work with some pretty amazing kids. I’m so thankful that I get to work in the school system that molded me in to who I am, a school system that gave me some of the best teachers a young impressionable student could ever ask for. I am thankful that I get to give back, especially to the schools that I attended as a wee lass and pass on the experiences that I learned on to the students that are attending the same schools now.

While I love what I’m doing, I’m getting a little complacent with what I’m doing. I’ve been working in the administration sector for five years and I’m growing a little tired of it. Although I don’t have a complete university degree (short 6 credit hours), I am itching to get out and work in the field of criminology. But I still want to work with the school kids.

Dilemma. There’s the word I’ve been looking for. Dilemma.

I still want to work in the school system, but not as a secretary. In a couple of weeks I am taking additional training in hopes of becoming an educational assistant. I also want to work with the kids in my neighborhood. We have some pretty fantastic kids living here who are filled with hopes and dreams, just as I did, and who want to break free of the negativity that surrounds them because of where they come from.

I want to take the skills that I learned throughout the years and the skills that I have been educated with while studying criminology and put them to good use. I don’t want to be a secretary forever (although I’ll take working in a library… I’ve secretly wanted to be a librarian for years, sharing my love of books with the kids) and I’m hoping that soon enough I’ll be able to work more in-depth with the children.

Who knows what the future might bring. I’m facing that fork in the road and taking it. It’s going to be a good decision.


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