Christmas has come a little early

We’re all a little excited and anxious today. Today we are patiently (well, trying to be!) waiting for our newest delivery… a brand new soft and loveseat set! Aren’t they some beauts? My sister and I have fabulous taste. Yes, we’re tooting our own horns at the moment.

The furniture set we currently have is, well, falling apart. We had mice issues a few years ago and recently found that they got in to the sofa and started to tear it apart from the inside out. Lovely. Then there’s the normal wear and tear that furniture has over the years. The sofa and loveseat we currently have… has been around since high school. Yes, it is over 11 years old.

Our parents have been humming and hawing over a set of new furniture but in recent weeks our washing machine and dryer decided to go on us, and we needed new ones. Front loaders are awesome and when you get older… you have new appliances to look forward to! Because of the laundry situation, furniture shopping was put on hold.

That is where the two of us come in to play. We decided that we would by the furniture and that it would be our Christmas gift to them. Christmas came on October 19. Don’t ask or comment about finances because they will be deleted and not answered… don’t ruin this moment for us!

Our parents have been pretty awesome to us lately and without them… the both of us would be homeless if they didn’t have a heart. No seriously, we would. We wanted to thank them and help them out, so we decided to do this for them. When they move they can take it with them because I already have furniture from when I was living on my own and in five years… I know I’ll be able to buy new, updated pieces.

The new pieces are super comfy but not too much to the point where you sink in and can’t get up. They’re easy to clean (even got a free cleaning kit) and take care of. I’ve had my couch for two years and it still looks great. I think they’ll compliment the living room very well.

I hope that they enjoy their presents. After all, it’s all about giving and not receiving. Plus, they wouldn’t fit under a tree anyways.

Merry Christmas, Mom & Dad!


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