Fashion should make you feel good about yourself and be an extension of your confidence.

Last night I had the privilege of seeing Jeanne Beker, host of “Fashion Television”, thanks to my friend Marlo Boux of “Girl Talk With Marlo”. I have been watching Fashion Television since I was a little girl and even did some modeling as a child because I wanted to be a model so I could meet Jeanne Beker. As a kid I was so enamoured with her because she had such a glamorous job… all those clothes! It was quite fabulous. I also wanted to be a model because I wanted the chance to meet her and have her tell me that my clothes were fabulous. Well… times have changed and while I am not a model, I still had the opportunity to see her. While I didn’t meet her, I did get to ask her a question (more on that later).

Jeanne was in town to host “Lights! Camera! Fashion! With Jeanne Beker”, a charitable fashion show promoting wonderful local fashion businesses. It’s amazing how many stores there are with such great fashions. I learned of new ones that I am so excited to hit up, especially “The Closet Chick”, a local consignment store that sells designer labels at a fraction of the price. Proceeds from the ticket sales went to Children’s Wish Foundation, a charity near and dear to my heart. Marlo asked if anyone wanted to be her guest and help her out that evening taking photos, Tweeting, etc. I jumped at the chance. I love learning new things and at the same time I get to watch a fashion show and see Jeanne in person!  It was a great learning experience to see how Marlo conducts interviews for her online radio show and then upload them instantly via her iPhone. Isn’t technology great?! If you want a new radio show to listen to, I suggest Marlo’s. She talks about a wide variety of issues with women… it’s fantastic!

I’ve always been in to fashion, since I was a little girl. I thought it was funny how designers would make extreme looking clothing and expect people to wear it. Then I learned it’s couture and not really for every day wear. I would long for the day that I would attend New York Fashion Week shows and dream that designers would give me stuff for free. While neither have happened, yet, I was excited that I could attend my very first fashion show. It may have not been the big leagues, but I did get to feel very Carrie Bradshaw for a moment.

The pieces presented were very tasteful and allows the everyday woman (and man) to wear some great clothing, incorporate different pieces in to their wardrobe and look chic while doing so! What’s the look for this fall/winter? The answer is… very cozy, warm and a hint of glamor. The designs for Holiday Party wear is oh-so glamorous and oh-so sparkly! Every day wear is cozy and warm with warm fall hues but a taking a stray from those traditional hues and adding a splash of bright color (indigo and green are this year’s fall/winter colors). For the last few years skirts with thick leggings seemed to be the “it” thing for cold months, but sleek pants are now making a come back.

Jeanne herself was simply wonderful. For years she has been the go to person to seek fashion advice from. I had always said that if I ever became famous, her opinion would be the only fashion opinion that would count. Even though I am not famous, it still counts! Jeanne opened herself up last night and told the audience that no question was off-limits and wanted to be intimate with us, something that people rarely got to see. She spoke her mind about trends, clothing designers, fashion controversies (John Galliano anti-Semitic rant), young people wanting to be break in to the business (work for it, don’t expect ANYONE no matter what you want to do, to hand it to you) and how she got her start in the fashion industry (did you know she started out acting and studied in Paris to be a mime?!).

I’ve always wanted to meet her and talk to her and while I didn’t meet her (although seeing her in person was as face to face as it could get for me), I did get to ask her a question when she opened up the floor to the audience. I asked her, “What is the one fashion trend that you wish never happened?” Her reply, “The world trend, itself. Why should you feel pressured to buy what’s “in” and not wear what you want? You should be able to wear what you want and what feels comfortable to you. You shouldn’t feel ashamed to wear what was “in” two years ago, three years down the line. If there’s a piece that you love from 2001, wear it now! Wear what you want! Don’t  be afraid to throw different pieces together. Be a leader, not a follower.” Great advice, Jeanne. I’ve always followed that rule. I love feeling comfortable in what I am wearing and I love taking different pieces and putting them together to make a great wardrobe that looks fantastic on me. I’m still wearing a purse I bought two years ago and the color (indigo) is back in season. She also said that you should take pieces from every “trend” (even though she hates that word), put it in your closet to mix and match.

Jeanne also discussed her go-to pieces that she thinks every woman should have in her closet – a little black dress, a great handbag, a fabulous pair of shoes, black pants, a few white dress shirts, cardigans, sweaters and that one show stopper piece that will wow everyone. Clothes should be an extension of yourself and your confidence and it’s okay for a woman to put on a great piece to boost her confidence. Be it a pair of heels or a handbag, if that makes her feel fantastic… then there’s nothing wrong with it.

I had the most amazing time last night and I am beyond happy that I had the chance to see her in person. She’s every bit of fabulous that she appears to be on television and is personable as you think she is. If you every get the opportunity to see her in person, go do it! You’ll have a fabulous time and plus, you just might get to see some great fashion wear in the process!

What is your favorite fashion piece that is in your wardrobe?


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