Christmas is coming

Sure, sure. There isn’t even snow on the ground and I’m already talking about Christmas. Well the Red Cups from Starbucks ARE almost here (two weeks people!) and you know what that means… the Christmas season is upon us. While it’s nearly impossible to have a snow-less Christmas (we did have one year where it didn’t snow until December 21), I still love the holiday.

With every Christmas that passes it becomes more difficult to shop for people. It seems like they have everything that you could think of. Or you have people say, “Oh. You don’t have to buy me anything.” but then when you don’t, they get extremely pissed off. It’s hard to please everyone. This year I am not buying anyone anything… they’re getting cookies. Different types of cookies. Twelve types of cookies! Oh, nom.

Every year I subscribe to the Food Network’s “Twelve Days of Cookies” email and in that email I get, well, twelve different types of cookies. Different ones, every year. I have a section in a baking binder that I made (with baking collections going WAY back to junior high home ec class) dedicated to “Twelve Days of Cookies”. Mmm, nom.

Over the next few days I’ll be going through that binder and searching the internet for cookies that will make the cut. Baking will commence early December and then I’ll delivery them the week before Christmas.

I love homemade gifts. It shows that you put thought in to it and wanted to give something meaningful rather than running to a store and picking out something material. I’m not bashing material gifts, I’m just saying I prefer homemade. I buy material stuff for the stockings. This year I will also be making Christmas cards. While I was in Grand Forks last month I purchased blank cards (such a great deal) and in a few weeks I’ll venture to our store to buy Christmas stamps from the $1 bin (I LOVE their dollar stamp bins!).

I’m looking forward to when my home will start smelling like Christmas baking, playing Christmas CDs and drinking from the red Starbucks cups. I love Christmas.

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?


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