Again it has been quite quiet around this blog land o-mine. I haven’t been ignoring this blog or my faithful readers on purpose, I’ve got some pretty good excuses.

– I’ve been working. A lot. Between the school division and my summer job (who called me back), I’ve been going from job to job and loving it. Still nothing permanent, but I’m still trucking along.

– I hurt the right side of my neck/shoulder and have been on medication for the last two weeks. Using that arm has been limited. Then after months of my left arm bothering me (the arm of the wrist I broke) I found out that because the muscle wasn’t used for two months (the duration of being in a cast earlier this year), it became weak and now the rotator cuff is damaged because of it. Now I must have physio on that arm too.

Between work and being in pain and then sleeping a lot… I really haven’t found time to sit down and write a post. Once again I am very busy this week and I hope that amid the chaos I can sit down and write something.

Enjoy your week!


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