Sing me a tune Mr. Anka

Just who is that handsome fella? And no young kids, it’s not Harvey Levin of TMZ. Although they sure do look a like. This man is Canadian crooner, Paul Anka. His hits include “Diana”, “Put Your Head on my Shoulder”, “Your Cheating Heart”, “Puppy Love”, just to name a few. He wrote songs for Mr. Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, which included “My Way”.

Growing up my mom would listen to Paul’s songs (I’m sure she has one of his albums somewhere in the house) and just the sound of his voice takes me back to those very moments. His voice is smooth, soothing and very sexy. I especially love his Christmas carols. Now of course he didn’t write them, but he did sing the mainstream popular carols. Love them.

Why am I even writing a post about him? Well, good that you asked. There’s a Christmas commercial going around about winning $25,000 from Kia and it posed the question what would you do with the money. The couple in the commercial “paid” Paul Anka to sit in the backseat of their car and sing his Christmas carols. I find it quite humorous. I too would pay to have him sing his Christmas carols. No seriously, I would.

I then went on a mission. I logged on to iTunes to find his Christmas albums. Holy heck he’s got a lot of albums out! So for $5.99 I purchased his Christmas album and it’s ready to go once the season comes near.

I’ve got a thing for 50’s crooners. There’s just something about them that takes me away.

“Kiss me once, baby. Just a kiss goodnight, maybe. You and I will fall in love.” Sigh…. Why can’t we have music like this nowadays? The dreamy kind where I wear poodle skirts, bobby socks and patent leather shoes; lying on the carpet with my head in my hands… I need to start a musical revolution to bring this back.

The kids need some Anka in their lives. Spread the word. More Anka.


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