Free stuff when you’re broke

The growing list of things that I want (yes want, not need) is, well, growing out of control. When you’re broke it sucks because those things you want seem like a mirage to you. It would be nice to afford those things again, but alas, until a full-time job appears or I’m working enough hours to pay bills and have money left over… it’s a pipe dream.

Unless it’s all free.

November is my birthday month and my birth day is three weeks from today. Soon enough all the freebies will be piling in to my inbox with coupons for free beverages (I am stalking the mailman every day until I get my free Starbucks birthday drink), gift certificates and other free things that might be thrown my way. Free is good. Free is awesome when you’re broke and jobs are few and in between (still applying and still, nothing). I belong to man VIP clubs with retailers and it’s nice when your birthday rolls around because they’ll give you free stuff, just for it being your birthday!

I love Sephora. Always have. If you sign up for the Beauty Insider you will receive some neat perks – you’ll earn points for so much of what you spend, you get a free birthday gift and you’re the first to know about new items that will be hitting the stores. For the last few years I’ve received free makeup on my birthday, this year… it’s a birthday themed shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath in one and it smells like birthday cake. Nom. Just don’t eat it. While I was talking to the cashier I noticed the stuff you can get when you have 100+ points on your Beauty Insider card and one of them caught my eye… a full-sized mascara from Buxom. Cha-ching! It is exactly what I needed as the mascara I’ve been using is now going bad.

Isn’t it awesome when you receive free stuff, especially when you need it?

Now, I must get back to stalking the mailman….


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