When you wish upon a star good things will happen

So it has been pretty quite in this little corner of blog world and while all I want to do is blog and have things for you to read, I promise you being busy has been a good thing.

When I started blogging I did it so I could write. Writing was my creative outlet and has helped me express myself, get out pent-up emotions and through blogging I have met some pretty rad people who have now become life long friends. Blogging has the ability to take you many places, many great places that you might not even expect to take a journey to. Blogging can be done to help people, spread the word about something you’re passionate about or be informational. Blogging is multifunctional… you have no idea where it will take you.

Lately I’ve been in a career slump funk. While I am fortunate to be employed, being a casual employee is just that… you’ll have far and in between assignments. Since September it’s been pretty steady but as of the beginning of this month, it’s been pretty quiet (I missed an assignment call yesterday because I was in the bathroom… sometimes they have terrible timing). I’m fortunate enough to be working next week and I am thrilled. For the last few weeks I have been trying to make the transition from being a secretary to being an educational assistant (some provinces/states call them paraprofessionals), and that has become extremely difficult. I’ve been applying to clerical positions within my school division as I cannot get in as an EA just yet and I have also been applying outside the school division in hopes to being hired as an EA. Even if being employed as an EA isn’t in the criminology field, I am still using the training I learned and I can apply it to my job especially when I could be working with at-risk youth. I’m still chugging along because I know something good will come along and I will be hired as an EA.

Recently, I took blogging to a whole new level. Last week I became fed up with the negativity and overgeneralization that the area I live in has been receiving. I live in the North End of Winnipeg and have my entire life. I love it here… I have made some amazing friends, met amazing people, attended amazing schools and my neighborhood is just pretty darn fantastic. Is this area unsafe and that violence is growing? Absolutely. I am not one to deny it. Youth violence and gun violence is become an epidemic and something needs to be done. However, I am tired of mainstream media (more specifically television media) making it look like this entire area is plagued, we’re all horrible people, we’re criminals, we’re drug dealers, we’re all uneducated and we’re poor. That is not the case. We have a lot of hard working, law-abiding, educated people living in this community and I am sick of all that crap being said about us.

So I started up a blog to promote the area and the good that can come out of it. Winnipeg’s North End Blog was created with a vision. A really good vision. I just wanted to spread the word and hopefully one day make the North End rise again and show the rest that if we work together, we can make this place an amazing place for you to live, work and play. This blog is going to feature local events such as meetings, community gatherings, etc; businesses and organizations that are available to help people with their education, economic and social status. There are some wonderful programs available, but some people have no idea that they’re here!

In the last couple of days, through networking, I have been receiving some fantastic emails. I have people congratulating and thanking me for starting this blog to spread the good word about our area. I have received invitations to attend meetings in the area to spread the word and network with others to explain the purpose and get others involved.

My heart is full with love and hope. I have so much love for this area that has given me so much… I just want to give back (and I am through volunteering and tutoring the kids in the area) and so much hope for this area to become what it use to be… a thriving, non-violent community. Just ask us… we have a lot of pride in where we come from and we’re not afraid to say so. I am a proud product of the North End and I want others to shout it from the roof tops! The North End will rise again and we’re going to show the rest of the city (and world) that we can rise from tragedy, adversity and other problems that might plague us. We WILL come together and change. It takes a community to move a community and by golly… it’s going to happen!

I think I have finally found my calling. This is my purpose and I am going to run with it. So yes U2, I finally found what I’ve been looking for and it’s pretty darn awesome.


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