Never say Never

Sorry J. Biebs fans… but I’m not talking about your leader.

Growing up there were many times when I have been told to “never say never” because you never know when good things may happen. My mom said she would never marry a salesman… she did, and she and my dad have been married for 29 years. I said I would never work for the military; I had two glorious and wonderful years working for the Department of National Defence. I have also said I would never be a police officer and wear the uniform.

That is about to change.

No, I am not going to be a police officer but I am now a volunteer for the Winnipeg Police Service as a Youth Cadet Leader. This opportunity became available Wednesday and I am looking forward to what is about to come. I am working with the grade 5 and 6 kids in the school I volunteer in and as their Cadet Leader I will instill community leadership values, time management skills, having pride in their community and showing them how to be an outstanding citizen. Just like them I will partake in line drill before we begin our weekly meetings/gatherings. My duty is roll call since I know the kids and I get to wear a spiffy police uniform, except with volunteer patches and not police patches. With this volunteering opportunity could come some pretty amazing job opportunities that I am hopeful for. I’m not going to say what, but I will say it’s what I’ve wanted all along.

I’m excited about this opportunity and having the ability to work with kids in my community. I wished for it, worked towards it and the wish came true with hard work and elbow grease. This community does have wonderful people living in it; more hard-working, law-abiding citizens than those who don’t. The kids that showed up to the first meeting yesterday goes to show that we have the most wonderful, hard working and dedicate kids living here that also want to do good and make change for the area.

Next week I go for my uniform fitting. I’m pretty excited. I’m about to do good things for this community and so are the kids!


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