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Today is my 29th birthday. It’s hard to believe that I’m already 29. How could this even be possible? How did this day get here so fast? I honestly don’t mind being 29, in fact I’m already looking forward to turning 30 next year. When I was younger I had people tell me not to ask to be a certain age because your life will fly on by to get there, but, I really am looking forward to being 30. I am having more fun now in my late twenties than I did when I was in my late teens, early twenties.

I think the old adage is true – “Your twenties are about finding yourself.” While I don’t think you actually “find” yourself, you are yourself all along and I haven’t really gone anywhere to warrant being found, your twenties is about learning where you stand. You learn about your morals and values. You learn who your true friends are and who are only there for the ride, to get something out of you. You find out what your purpose is and what you’re going to do with your life. I’m now at that part in my life where I see everything clearly. During my twenties I had ups and downs, losses and gains and now with my thirties nearly upon me, everything is now written in stone.

I’ve found my passion – volunteering, working with kids and helping my community. My dreams of being a crime scene analyst might finally come true, I’m going to be putting that plan in motion very soon. While the job situation is iffy, I am still very hopeful that something good is about to be coming my way. I’m working hard at it instead of just wishing it would happen.

In my twenties I did a lot of traveling. When I was 25 I finally bought a car (even though it was a bank loan, I worked hard to pay it off. I was determined to have my own car) and my freedom was endless. I made a lot of road trips, even if they were to Grand Forks. I am finally able to hang out with my cousin, whom I love very much and is so supportive of everything I do. We were close when I was young and when she moved away it was harder to remain close. I get to spend time with her kids, two amazing kids who I adore and love spending time with. They can be a little spazzy at times, but I love them to pieces. We always have fun. I’ve been to Minneapolis a handful of times. I’ve finally been able to see a MLB game, the Twins, starring my favorite team. I’ve always dreamed of traveling and while it might not be some exotic place far-far away, it’s where I want to go.

I’ve been thinking a lot of what I want to do in my thirties, new things, some recurring things. I’ve got a list and I won’t be disappointed if I don’t do them all.

  • Visit the polar bears in Churchill next November
  • Have a Super Sweet 30th (didn’t get one at 16 so I’m making up for lost time)
  • Become a crime scene analyst
  • Visit new places and meet the people I’ve been internet friends with for decades
  • Go back to Disney World for a birthday
  • Visiting California (I might never come back… beaches, oceans).
  • Get married and have kids (not my #1 priority at the moment, not even my #2 or #3)
  • Own my own home.
  • Teach (I’ve wanted to get my teaching certificate once I had my criminology degree)
  • Visit Istanbul (I studied Byzantine history and fell in love)
  • Enjoy whatever I want to do

At 29 I’ve also realized I have the best friends in the world that a girl could ever have. Saturday night L.L. threw me a surprise birthday dinner and invited some pretty rad people. Kyla, the most sweetest person ever was there, Sarah my best friend from grade school and the only person who I am still close to since then; Rachel, Mikki who I have been friends with since high school and my sister. My friends who couldn’t make it are taking me out for coffee later on this week. I don’t know what I did in a previous life to deserve such amazing friends, but I must have done something pretty neat.

So if you’re close to turning 30 and are afraid of it… don’t be. Never be afraid of aging. Look at it as another milestone that you fought your way through and to; a place in your life that you can look back on to see what you’ve accomplished and how you got to this point. Thirty is just another number, it’s what you make of it that counts.

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