Celebrity Skin

Source: google.com via Megan on Pinterest

I love this girl. Newlyweds, anyone? Although her and Nick have come and gone, Jessica has surely made a name for herself. If all you can remember her for is her “Chicken By the Sea” quip, listen up… this girl, is smart.

Jessica has built herself a friggen empire. The Jessica Simpson Collection is pretty amazing and I must say, has the cutest stuff around. When it comes to celebrity designers I’m a little skeptical. For one thing, they’re celebrities and worth a trillion dollars and second, just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean the know clothing (ahem, Avril Lavigne). First she started with shoes and the cutest shoes, I might add. Then handbags, luggage and then clothing. I had always thought her clothing was cute and very fashionable, but there was nothing for plus sized girls. Celebrities rarely produce plus sized clothing.

Then last week, to my surprise, I found out that Jessica now has a plus sized clothing line at The Bay. I was impressed but a little hesitant. Would it look good on me and most importantly, would it fit me? I found that the answer to both questions was YES! Yes the clothing looks great on me and most importantly, they fit! I was thrilled. The prices are your typical high-priced celeb wear, but I caught a bargain… all Jessica Simpson denim was on sale for $39.99! Regularly priced at $74! SCORE! I saved $34!

The fit in incredible and they’re so comfy. They’re a low-rise skinny jean that actually looks good on my plus sized frame. The waist isn’t tight, didn’t notice they were low-rise until I got home but it’s okay… I can live with it (or get a panel sewn in to it to help with that). They’re soft and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing pants at all. Which can be dangerous. Make sure you are wearing pants before you venture outside. The leg is a little long, especially for it being short, but that too can be fixed by getting them hemmed. I tried on a pair of light wash bell bottoms (I love how they look on my body), but the light wash made my thighs look big (they are) whereas the dark wash hides them a bit.

I am very pleasantly surprised with this line. Finally a collection that I can purchase where I know it looks good on me and it fits. Plus I can’t refuse a good bargain!

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