Reverb11: Day 2, 3, 4 & 5

Sorry for the delay folks. I’ve been busy this past weekend, so here ya go!

Day Two: Who did you meet?

As I was thinking about this prompt I couldn’t quite think of anyone new I met. However, I did – Rachel. She’s a friend of L.L. and we met for the first time on a trip to Grand Forks. LL and Rachel were flying to Vegas and I was guardian of LL’s car. You get to know someone pretty well when you’re in a car for a few hours and then share a hotel room. Rachel is one cool lady… she loves to eat (just like I do) and she has some pretty funny stories to tell. I always love meeting new people; new friendships enrich my life and I always say I’m a lucky girl when new people come in to my life.

Day Three: What books did you read?

If you know me, I am no longer much of a book reader. It takes me forever to read a book (I took me two years to read “A Glass House”); I read millions upon millions of books as a kid and now my interest has tanked.

This past summer my dear friend Vanessa thrifted me her copy of “The Help”. I’ve been wanting to read this because I wanted to see the movie in theatres. While I haven’t seen the movie (it comes out on DVD on tomorrow), I enjoyed reading the book. It’s been a very interesting read and I’m nearly done. We’re renting the movie this weekend so I hope to be done the book by then. I like to read the books first before watching the movie version because, as we all know, the movie is nothing like the book. Has anyone else read “The Help”? What did you think? Was the movie true to the book?

Day Four: When did you struggle?

It’s not news to know that I struggled a lot this year. Mostly with school. I had to withdraw from classes earlier this year due to health reasons. I went back this summer and even though I thought I was on track to graduation, I found out that I failed the class by 5% and thus was kicked out of school for two more years as I failed the class yet again. Math is a constant struggle for me, no matter what help I get, and I really tried my best this year. When it comes to math, it has to be dumbed down… I mean fifth grade level dumbed down. This summer was definitely more of a struggle than any month this past year. Struggles are always welcomed because they build character and if you don’t struggle, you never learn a lesson.

Day Five: What did you discover?

This year I discovered that I have an amazing group of friends. With all the struggles I’ve been through, my friends have been there and have been the most supportive people (asides from my family) that I could have in my life. They support me, surround me with positivity and hope and make sure that I don’t lose myself amid all the chaos I was facing.

I also discovered my love for travel. While I haven’t been international and my trips are only within North Dakota, I found that I love North Dakota and its small towns. I love being on the highway and staring out in to the prairie fields. I love detaching myself for a weekend and going on small trips somewhere. If money weren’t an issue, I’d be traveling. I love being able to get in my car and go somewhere.


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