I subscribe to the Church of Prince

Source: google.com via Jan on Pinterest

Last night I had my mind blown. I had the privilege of seeing Prince in concert and I had the best time. My dad won tickets to his concert last night from a contest and since he couldn’t go, he gave them to me and my sister. I have been wanting to see Prince in concert since I was a little kid. I’ve been rocking out to Prince since I was two… and last night I rocked right along with the thousands of people.

It was nice to finally be able to sit down when I want to sit and not have to stand all night. It was a grown up concert and I appreciated that. To say I had a moment is being completely underestimated…. I am a changed woman. That man is a performer and such a musical genius. There are no pictures from last night’s concert as it was at his request to ban cameras, and it was perfect. When you’re at a Prince concert you do not want to be fiddling around with your camera – you want to simply enjoy his presence and watch an amazing show.

He played all the hits, right from the beginning of his career until now. He had five “encores” (I say encores but they really were acts… people thought they were encores, I saw the set list before I left) and brought the house down. It wasn’t until he sang “Beautiful Ones” that I became teary eyed. That is my favorite Prince song and I truly was moved.

As Prince said, this was our party and he was the DJ. He made us feel great and as he said “we’re dancing to real music played by REAL musicians.” It’s always great to get back to that… today so many “artists” are coming out with music written by someone else and they can’t play an instrument. Well last night not only did we have the pleasure of Prince being there but legendary Sly & The Family Stone guitarist Larry Graham and former James Brown saxophonist, Maceo Parker. It was amazing to hear real music… I think that kids today need to hear it and it was great that some parents brought their kids along with them to experience the night.

All in all it was a great night to get out and enjoy yourself, to get out and dance. A lot of my friends attended and they had a blast. We definitely partied like it was 1999!


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