And then there was a cold….

This has basically been the view since Friday. That nasty cold that has been going around? Yup, I finally caught it. I thought I was going to be immune since the only illness I had this year was a sinus infection and hay fever (all allergy related). Should have thought otherwise since I work in the school system and kids are constantly germy.

The night of the Prince concert I was feeling kinda meh. I’m thankful I had enough energy left in me to dance around because the following day… I was out for the count. My throat was sore and my tonsils were swollen (FYI… Coke will help remove the sting), my head was congested and I was a snotty mess. I spent most of Friday in bed, followed by the remainder on the sofa. My dog kept me company and cuddled with me all day. He’s so sweet.

Saturday I was feeling a bit better, bit being an overstatement, so I took my dad grocery shopping. That was a bad idea. I nearly passed out in the store because of the lack of energy and being so feverish. I came home and sat on the couch for the remainder of the day. Sunday I was feeling much better so I ventured out again to Costco this time for a little grocery shopping. Sunday was much better. Today I am feeling 85% better.

What’s my secret? Vick’s Vapour Rub…. and not on my chest. On my feet. I swear it works. You just have to keep at it. You slacker on a thick layer on the bottom of your feet and wear a pair of socks. On day three you’ll wake up feeling amazing and less sick. Plus it helps you sleep through the night. Miracle drug. My grandma did this to me when I was a kid and it worked. Ignore the naysayers… it works. Try it. And you have to wear the socks because if you don’t and you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you’ll slide right across the floor and smack yourself in to the bathtub.

Oh and the neti-pot… I was doing that right up until I was 100% congested. It was working and I was able to breathe. Then my sinuses became so congested nothing was working (except cold medication nightly). Saturday night I tried and well… the saline solution didn’t come out my nose. It came out of my mouth and ears. Sexy.


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