Out of the mouths of babes

I love my job. I really do. Working with kids gives me the best joy on this planet that anyone could ever receive and I am so thankful to have this job. While being a secretary for the rest of my life isn’t in my career path plans, I do enjoy it for the time being. I especially love it when I spend my free time volunteering at the elementary school I went to as a kid and today was no different.

Today was the last day of school for Christmas break, the last day of the first half of the school year. Can we just stop for a second? I cannot believe that today is the last day of the first half of the school year. It feels like last week that the school year was just starting. Where did this year go? Holy smokes. What a year. So for today being the last day, the kids enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast. A pancake breakfast complete with as many pancakes they could eat, Christmas oranges and milk. One kid ate 21 pancakes. Yes, 21 pancakes. I don’t judge these kids at all. They live in an area where some of these kids might not get to eat breakfast… we’re just happy that their tummies were full and that they were happy. I was the pancake hander-outer and syrup pourer. I was known as “Buddy, The Elf” today, it was quite hilarious as we were reciting the four basic food groups for elves – candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.

Working in a school you will hear the most funniest things and they all come from the kids. Here’s a sample of what I heard today.

“My mom said Santa won’t come unless I clean my room.” to why I reply, “Well, I guess you better go home and clean it!” To which another kid replies, “Then I better go home and clean the basement so Santa comes to MY house!”

“Santa has a mustache under his beard. Something is funny. I think he’s an emposter.” (Yes, the kid said emposter).

“I’m so full of pancakes I can puke. But I’m not going to clean it up. That’s gross.”

“I ate three thousand pancakes! I think that’s a Guess Record!”

“I think I need a nap, but I’m not in kindergarten anymore. Who cares. I’m still having nap time.”


I love seeing kids excited at this time of the year. It really does fill my heart with joy to see them so excited. The many hugs and high fives I received today along with the many “Merry Christmas!” greetings… it makes my job so much fun and enjoyable. Plus you get to hear the funniest things on a daily basis. “Josh fell asleep on the bus! He ate TOO much pizza. And popcorn. And soda. He’s sleeping like a  baby that ate too much turkey. So sweet.”


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