Hey Kids! Track Santa on Christmas Eve!

I posted about this last year, so I’m doing it again this year!

My friends over at NORAD will once again be helping the little ones track Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve (tomorrow)! All you have to do is click on over to the NORAD Santa website… it’s as easy as that! In about 14 hours you will be able to see the progress that Santa has been making as he flies from continent to continent, dropping off presents for all the boys and girls!

About 50 years ago Santa had asked NORAD to help track his whereabouts so that the boys and girls know when to head to bed. Kids would call in to a special number to hear the updates every hour to see where he was and now it has evolved to a website with a worldwide map displaying his progress! It’s interactive and pretty neat! NORAD also provides security for Santa and flies right alongside him, providing assistance to ensure that he gets from place to place without any trouble.

So if you have little ones or even if the big kids are interested, head on over to the website to see where Santa will be heading!


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