Leaving on a Jet Plane

Seattle Photos
This photo of Seattle is courtesy of TripAdvisor

In April a long-time friend will be getting married and I’ve been invited. She lives in Seattle and I really, really, REALLY want to go! I have never been west of this province or even west of North Dakota. I really want to be able to see whales in their natural habitat (there are whales off the coast of Washington, right?!) and the Space Needle, and even Seattle Grace Hospital (yes, I know it’s fictional).

I’m working on some things to get me there and I’ve found airfare that is super cheap…. plus my friend is going to talk to some acquaintances to see if we can all room together to make hotel cheaper.

Seattle has always been on my travel list and if I can mark it off sooner than later, I would be so happy. I won’t be in Seattle for long (only for one full day), but at least I would be able to say that I’ve been to Seattle.

I’m hoping that everything works out because I really want to go. We’ve been friends for a couple of years now (internet message board friends) and I finally want to meet her! Keep thinking positive thoughts because I am working on going!


2 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

  1. Seattle is beautiful. I say that and I don’t even like cities. I recommend a trip up to the top of the Space Needle if you geta chance on a nice day. Good luck and have fun if you get the chance to go.

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