Working Girl

Oh Melanie Griffith and your big hair in the awesome movie, “Working Girl”…. you always make me laugh. I am now a working girl and while my hair doesn’t look like that, I can say that I am indeed loving my job.

I’ve been working a full-time job since the 20th and it’s been non-stop ever since. I really, really, love where I am… I have never been happier; however, it’s not permanent. I am finally working an official term for a while (still with the school division), with regular paydays and covered by a union. There is a chance it may be extended and that is keeping me very hopeful. This job keeps me on my toes, I’m learning new things and I love the people I work with. Sometimes I have to deal with the most difficult people but I have the great coworkers to back me up whenever I need it.

That is why (along with battling a kidney infection for a week, with spending a day in the ER) I have been absent from this blog. I’m up at 6, at work by 7:30, hit the couch after work and then in bed by 8:30. Yup, I’ve officially reached the it’s-senior-discount-day-at-ihop level….


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