Recharging of the Batteries

Let’s be quite honest. We are all guilty of pushing ourselves to work extremely hard to make ends meet. Not only do we work hard/overwork ourselves for a good paycheque, we over extend ourselves in our personal lives and too much of a good thing can harm us. From time to time we try to find the time to sit down and relax, recharge the batteries and in the end we don’t seem to give ourselves that much needed break.

I have been working extremely hard since mid-January  so I could pay down debt and finally be able to pay to gas up my own car, buy much needed new clothing and have a little bit extra at the end of paying bills to go out with friends. Besides working hard during my day job, I’ve been filling my “spare” time with running personal errands, helping my parents and volunteering in my community. While I have been glad to spend what would usually be doing nothing by working and doing other things, I spread myself too thin and I was becoming too worn out. Fast.

I was in bed by 9/9:30, sometimes at 8:30. My weekends went by too fast and before I knew it I was back to work for the remainder of the week. I finally decided that it was time to finally give myself a well deserved break, think of me for a change, and it was an amazing decision.

On Friday night, after work, my sister and me headed out of and drove to Grand Forks for the weekend. We stayed at our cousins house and spent the weekend shopping until we dropped. Friday night we decided that on Saturday we would head south to Fargo for a shopping trip. Fargo has just a little bit more to offer when it comes to shopping, so we were glad that when the offer was given we were more than willing to jump at it. We arrived back in Grand Forks just in time for my cousin to get all dolled up to see Sir Elton John. Yup, he played Grand Forks to an excited crowd. Instead of going with her, my sister and me instead went for a late (and very enjoyable) dinner at Red Lobster… which included much deserved adult beverages.

Sunday it was girl’s day…. after a massive shopping trip to Sam’s Club, we headed out for more shopping and we found an awesome consignment store where I picked up three gently used shirts for $16. I love this store, it’s now my favorite place to go. We went back to Target to pick up a few more things, headed to Cold Stone Creamery for a sweet treat and then back home for a home cooked family dinner. While there was only six of us, it reminded myself, my sister and our cousin of our HUGE family Sunday dinners where we would all get together -the adults at one table, the kids at another, and enjoy the company and all the good food that was prepared. Later that night we packed all our things, calculated our receipts and sat down to watch a new episode of Mob Wives. Can I just say that Big Ang is fascinating to watch?! In a massive train accident/wreck kind of way. Put a grey curly wig on her and she’s the grandma from “The Nanny” (but with massive boobs and lips).

We left Grand Forks yesterday morning shortly after 9. I first had to stop at a gas station to buy a lottery ticket, then to the post office to mail a parcel (Canada Post needs to adopt the Flat Rate Parcel Shipping fee.. Seriously… $11 to ship a 3lb parcel. Awesome) and then Starbucks for a hot beverage (it was a little nippy yesterday morning).

We arrived home after that much deserved vacation around noon. We unloaded a very full car, I returned the rental (my car needs some repairs and I did not want to take a chance of having it breakdown while I was in another country) and then came home to wash laundry. I spent the rest of the evening on the couch relaxing from a three hour drive home. With an ice cold Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. Those are fantastic.

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a much needed break from all the chaos, all the hard work and all the stress you put yourself through.

You should try it sometime!


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