Homemade is the best way

Yesterday one of my good friends married her best friend in what I could only imagine was such a beautiful ceremony. I was invited to to her wedding (the wedding was in Seattle), but after all the number crunching and trying to find good deals, I wasn’t able attend as originally planned. It bummed me out. Not only would I have met her for the first time (we have been internet friends for a long time), I would have traveled to Seattle for the very first time. We’ve made a pact to eventually meet somewhere… who knows! Maybe we’ll road trip it to Wisconsin to take in a Packers game one day!

To make up for not being able to attend, I wanted to give her and her groom a wonderful present. While I was in the U.S. at the end of March I scoured and scoured the stores to see if anything unique and interesting caught my eye. Nothing. Nada. So instead my cousin offered to make part of the gift. My cousin is very, very talented. She is super crafty and has come up with the most amazing, unique and beautiful things. This is what she made….

They are so beautiful! I love them! Here is a close up of the head and handle for a better view…..

I also wanted to make something that I could send along with the pair of forks. While taking a mental break at work a few weeks ago I grabbed a pencil and came up with picture art, more like a scrapbook in a frame that I could gift to her. I headed to Michael’s to pick out the supplies and a few days later I came up with this…..

I even wrote the poem that I printed out on card stock…..

I hope that she and her husband love it. I love making homemade things and giving them as gifts. I hope that they will enjoy this gift for years to come.


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