This kid, who is now 22, is currently in surgery. She’s been dealing with gallbladder issues and instead of waiting for her scheduled surgery in June, she is undergoing surgery now. It’s actually quite a huge relief for all of us because all the pain she’s been experiencing will be dealt with. It’s been a huge ordeal for a very long time and I am thankful to our doctors for recognizing that she cannot wait any longer.

The well wishes, thoughts and prayers that have been sent over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have all been appreciated. I draw my strength from all of those well wishes and I want everyone to know it means the world to me to have such amazing friends.

I just want my sister to come home so she can sleep and relax in her own bed. I think our dog does to… he’s been depressed since she was admitted in to the hospital yesterday and he won’t stop moping about. He even brought down his monkey pillow (smells like her) to sleep with on the couch.

Feel better kid.


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