Summah-time Goals

The season of Summer is quick upon us…. can you believe that it will be here in only a few weeks? Where has the time gone?! While I am not one to complain, I’ve been cooking up a goal list of things I want to do this summer. My good friend Kyla has a delicious post about her Summer Intentions and I absolutely love it. I wasn’t going to share my list with my readers, but after reading Kyla’s post it gave me the encouragement to put it all out there.

Create a monstrous flower garden. Nothing brings a smile to my face quite like a huge flower garden. I have a neighbour that has a spectacular flower display in her front yard every year that I become increasingly jealous of. I love looking out the front windows every morning and looking at all the different types of flowers she has, it is quite the spectacular sight. I recently spilled my guts to her about how much joy it brings to me and she had no idea what to say in response to my confession. This year instead of dreaming about it, I went out and started it. I have two, while not large, flower pots in my yard with four different types of flowers arranged perfectly. I planted marigolds in honour of my paternal grandmother because she had them all over the yard when she owned this house before us. She took such care of her flower garden that I hope one day I will become quite the skilled gardener as she was. I have a hanging begonia plant in the backyard and soon enough the front yard will be sprawling with pretty smelling flowers. Soon enough Texas Blue Bonnets will be planted. I love those flowers!

Vegetable garden. I cannot forget about cultivating my own veggies! While I don’t have the space to have a large garden (my dream!), we do have the space to grow our usual tasty veggies – lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers; complete with a herb garden – chives, basil, oregano and parsley. Growing your own veggies gives you much appreciation to what you’re eating. Your taking the time to grow your own food and a lot of TLC goes in to it! Plus it tastes sooooo much different then what you buy in the stores. Mmmm, yellow tomatoes!

Breakfast Outside. This is on top of my Summer To Do List. When I was younger we would always eat breakfast outside. Dad manned the barbecue grilling eggs and bacon on the pans, Mom was in charge of the toast and coffee (yup, we brought the toaster and coffee pot outside!), while I was in charge of setting the patio table. It was quite joyous to be able to sit outside, much on my delicious breakfast and take it all in. On Monday I woke up, cooked my breakfast, perked my coffee and headed outside to the patio. It was such a gorgeous morning and that made me enjoy breakfast even more. I plan on taking breakfast outside every weekend. Now I just need the newspaper and I’m set!

Fishing. Every year this was on my list. When my maternal grandfather passed away his complete fishing tackle set and rods were willed to us. Not only do we have fishing stuff that my dad has accumulated all these years but we also have my grandpa’s. Holy smokes, I’m so elated. Life got the best of me over the years but this time, dangit, I became proactive! I went out opening day and purchased me a new shiny fishing licence. It’s the best $13 I’ve ever spent and I cannot wait to get out there and fish. I’m a on-the-riverbanks-kind-of-gal and I’m amping myself up. Fishing was my favorite pastime as a kid… I looked forward to the weekends where we would pack up the station wagon and head out to the countryside to fish. I especially loved it when it was just my dad, me and grandpa. I sure do miss those days.

Patio time with girlfriends. I seriously need to hang with my best girls. I feel like I’m not seeing enough of them because our lives are so chaotic. I hope that we can set aside some time for drinks on a patio somewhere in the city…. it’s just divine when you can get together with the girls that mean the most to you and chat about whatever ills you.

Farmer’s Markets, weekly. Last year I visited the markets bi-monthly. What a treat it was to get up those Saturday mornings, pack my grocery bags and head down to see what is fresh for the picking. I’m a beet girl and nothing is more amazing that buying an ice cream pail full of beets for just $5, where one beet at the grocery store is just as much. I’m looking forward to my favorite organic grain farmer…. I found out that he sells his product in the winter at the deli I go to. I love his quinoa! This time I plan on visiting every week. I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars each week, but if I can buy $20 worth of produce it will be well worth it! $20 can get you a lot of goodies as you’re not paying the stores to have the product featured… your hard earned cash goes towards the hard working farmers. The way it should be. Support local!

What are your summer goals?


1 thought on “Summah-time Goals”

  1. Oh, I love the idea of breakfast outside on the Patio… now if I could run off all the mosquitos, it would really work. I’m gonna put it on my Winter List.

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