Kick off to Summer

There is one thing every June that I look forward to that almost comes close to as the excitement of Christmas Day – opening day of the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market. Over the last few years I’ve been frequenting our local markets to buy my produce, why should I have to buy at the grocery store when we have all this awesome food that is cultivated right from our own land? It is also great to support local businesses and our farmers to show that we care and appreciate what they do.

I showed up around 10:30 and for opening day, it wasn’t too busy. I just love the sights and smells on opening day – people chatting, the vibrant colours of produce and the smell of food cooking. Every weekend there is a different busker, but the coolest part, is definitely the goats. Maaaaa…. I could hang around those little dudes every day!

While there wasn’t much produce out (season is just beginning), it is just wonderful to see what is out there to offer. There’s nothing like shopping at the market with a hot cup of coffee in your hand. Saturday mornings are now blissful.

Do you visit your local farmer’s market? What is your favourite part?


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