Vancouver is fabulous

Anyone out there watching “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”? Well, I guess only if you’re in Canada but let me tell you… Drama started right off the bat. I love this series more than the American franchise, probably because I’ve seen two of the five girls before (Mary & Ronnie).

But there’s one housewife that I absolutely love – Christina. First off, this beesh says she’s 29. Maybe if she subtracts 10 years off her real age; and two… she’s a self-proclaimed gold-digger. She’s been married and divorced twice (all by the age of 25), she loves using men for money and she is not ashamed to say so. Who says independence is hard for a woman as long as you can  depend on a rich man (or two or three) to get on by in life?

Then there’s Jody. Oh crap, I better not say anything about her or she might slap me with a cease and desist order. Nuff said.

Reiko loves fast cars, Mary is a naive forty-something, and Ronnie likes the vino wayyyy too much. So much so that not only does she have a winery, but she just released a new wine called “Rehab”. Yup. Funny since she’s been in rehab and she found that boring because it doesn’t have Happy Hour. Hmmmmmm. Rehab with a Happy Hour. Interesting.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver can be seen on Slice, Wednesdays at 10/9c.

Are you watching the Vancouver series? What TV show is your guilty pleasure?


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