Weekend Fabulosity


Hello possums! I really hope Dame Edna doesn’t sue me for that line. I cannot believe how fast this week has flown by. It’s already Friday and you know what that means… the weekend is officially here! And this weekend is going to be super busy.

Tomorrow Kyla and me will be enjoying a lovely breakfast before hitting up the Farmer’s Market to pick up some amazing home made/grown items. The jam I purchased last week was devoured within days. We really do love homemade jams! It’s been what seems likeforever where Kyla and I have met for coffee and I think breakfast and a little FM shopping is a perfect way to catch up! Kyla has become one of my closest friends and confidant, it will be lovely to see her.

Sunday is just as equally packed with fun things to do. I’m attending one of the most amazing (so I’ve heard) brunches in the city to celebrate L.L.’s birthday. I’ve heard that it is quite the massive feat and I just might have to starve myself starting tomorrow evening in order to eat what will be available. L.L. said the desert table is as big as her apartment living room. I think I might have to bring my fat pants.

Right after the birthday brunch I have to whisk away to a bridal shower for a close friend. She and her fiancee will be getting married in August in Ontario. It will be nice to celebrate this new milestone and adventure with her and our closest friends. She’s been through a lot and for her to find happiness and love is really wonderful. I wish her and her fiancee all the best. She really deserves it.

In between my busy schedule I have to throw in having my car washed and cleaned, arrange and wrap the bridal gift, laundry, errands.

And to breathe.


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