In just six months I will be closing another chapter in my life and leaving my twenties behind. That’s right… I’ll be turning the big 3-0. It’s quite the milestone but unlike some women my age, I am not fretting over turning 30. I’m not losing sleep, panicking, creating 30 before 30 lists or running out to get Botox… I’m embracing it. It’s basically all you can do.
My twenties were challenging and it seems like it went by me in just a flash. A lot happened during that decade – some good, some bad. I was faced with a lot of life changing events, a lot of life challenges; a lot of figuring out what I wanted in life, a lot of figuring out who I was. There was a lot of health problems, a lot of loved ones lost; a lot of challenges accepted and accomplished, a lot of dreams crush and a lot of tears.
I’m hoping that my thirties don’t pass me by and that it goes by nice and slow. I’m not worrying about marriage, a companion or even children. I’m hoping that I’ll finally graduate and finally start my career in Criminology. I’m hoping for more road trips and drinks with my girlfriends. More major league baseball games, more debt paid off and quite possibly a fantastic pair of Louboutin’s.
With all that said, I need to get started on planning the birthday bash. I have a ton of ideas running through my head, good ideas, ideas that I cannot make up my mind about.
Super Sweet 30th. My parents failed to throw me a Super Sweet 16. Given that television show wasn’t even on when I was 16, I think that they still could have thrown me a luxurious birthday bash. Instead, I was in rehearsals all day for our high school musical production, came home sweaty to a birthday cake and $100. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ungrateful for that gift. It was super cool because it was just my parents, my sister and me. No one else. But just saying… a BMW would have been nice.  So fourteen years later, I’m thinking of doing it up and throwing myself a Super Sweet 30th bash. Only the coolest kids will receive invites, I’m going to have an entourage escort me in and damnit…. my parents will get me that BMW. I wonder if DJ Pauly D is available.
Frolic with the Polar Bears. Social media expert, Ron Cantiveros, went to Churchill last November and from his pictures, I was jealous. Such mystic creatures live in my very own backyard and I have yet to see them in their natural habitat. Don’t get me wrong… Debbie the Polar was a beautiful bear, but if you really want to live, you have to see them up close.
Madonna in MPLS. The original Queen of Pop will be rolling in to St. Paul, MN November 3 and 4th. I have been a Madonna fan since I was 3. Seeing Her Royal Highness would be a life highlight. However, tickets for both shows are sold out. Wonder if I can sneak in. I still say “Confessions on a Dance Floor” was her best album to date.
Disney World. The last time I was at Disney World I was 8 years old and it was 1991. I have the best memories of going and I’ve always wanted to go back so I could relive those moments. I really do have to go back because some of the rides that are there today, weren’t when we went. Case in point, Splash Mountain. It was just being constructed. Back to the Future, same thing. Plus, I want to see the Atlantic Ocean. We didn’t get a chance to see it the first time, but this time… I want to put my toes in the ocean.
Dinner with my closest girls. My closest friends keep me sane and help take the stress away, so why not celebrate a big milestone with them. With a birthday in November, a patio is out of the question. I would have to find a place where we can all get together, enjoy an amazing meal and just sit back and talk.
It will probably come down to dinner with the girls, but I really would like to go to Disney. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like a kid again?
Are you turning 30 this years? What will you be doing to celebrate? Have you already turned 30 and what did you do?

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