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If you are lucky enough you will be fortunate to have a teacher, or teachers, that come in to your life  and change everything. I’ve been very blessed, more like honoured, to have the teachers that I have over my many years of education. In each of my educational journeys, there has been a handful of educators who have meant the world to me. Inspired me. And most importantly, inspired me. Most of us don’t get the chance to say thank you, or even bother to say thank you, to some of the people who helped mould you since you were young.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to say thank you to the teachers that I had over the years. Working in a school division gives you that opportunity, but some times I just stop by to say hello and thank them. It’s such a lovely feeling when you can put a smile on their face and talk about the wonderful memories that you have of them and the time that you spent together. I’m fortunate enough to have a special relationship with a handful of my teachers and I really hope they know how much it means to me.

I had one of those days where I had the opportunity to really thank a few of them for what they’ve done for me.

Last Friday was a very special occasion in where we honoured our long service employees for their tireless effort and dedication to the division. It was a fun event to work at and it was amazing to see some old faces that brought back such wonderful, and vivid, memories. One of those “old” faces was that of my junior high teacher who taught English. She tried incredibly hard to challenge my brain at the same time as teaching my fellow students. Academically, except for math, I have always been one or two grades above the others and Language Arts was one of them. While my grammar hasn’t always been spectacular, reading became increasingly boring (I was an adult reader in the sixth grade) and I did not like my daily reading assignments with the journals.

I was able to thank her, I mean really thank her… from the heart, for all that she did for me and for being one of my favourite teachers. She then said, “No, thank you for being an exceptional student who want to learn and be challenged. It made my job really exciting.” I teared up. That was sweet. Then to top it off, she mentioned me to the entire room at the beginning of her speech. I cried. I didn’t expect her to say anything about me and when she did, I became emotional. The Chief Superintendent thought it was so wonderful that she said that because it goes to show how much teachers and students can have an impact on each other. I had other guests come up to me and make the same comment.

I didn’t even have to say who I was to some of the teachers because they remembered me! After all these years, they remembered me. One said, “You just grew a couple of more feet but your cheery smile is still the same!” How sweet! I have one  former teacher, that I’ve also worked with, tell me that she doesn’t see me as a 29-year-old grown woman but instead the 6-year-old that came walking bouncing through her classroom doors back in 1989.

There are some really great teachers out there, teachers that can make a huge difference on a child. They can take a stone from the rough and turn it into a diamond. If you can, thank your teacher. It will mean the world to them.

Who was your favourite teacher when you were in school? What made them that special?


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