I love living in this vast Prairie province. While I might dump on the Winter months, because of my disdain for snow, I have to say we have quite spectacular weather in this Keystone province of ours. Blizzards to frosty arctic air, summer heat waves to amazing thunder/lightning storms, there’s something pretty amazing about our weather.

Especially when it is so gorgeous outside.

For six months the lot of us are stuck inside not wanting to venture out in the cold chilly air, dreaming of the days when the snow and ice disappear and the Summer sun comes out to play. The Summer can get very hot in July and August (it’s a dry heat, as we say) but in a beautiful province like ours… we have tons of lakes and rivers to play in.

We experienced a very rainy Spring and now that Summer is here, it looks like the summer heat wave is here to stay. While the heat can be a tad too hot for me at times, there’s nothing like getting outside to enjoy it because we all know that Winter will soon return (unless you’re a senior and flock to Florida). There are days where you have to escape outside to warm up in the Summer because the air conditioners are set to arctic blast in our buildings and homes.

During the summer months you get to explore the great outdoors and you also get to do what I love doing – eating outside. I love picnics. We used to have tons of them as a kid. Any chance I get to eat outside, I’m there. This past weekend we ate our barbecued burgers outside and Sunday morning I ate a scrumptious breakfast on the patio. Later that evening while my dad barbecued ribs, I read a book and sat in the sun (with sunscreen slathered on).  Yesterday I took my lunch outside instead of sitting in the break room. Most of it was spent in the shade, but, I did move to the sun for just a few moments.

I’m hoping that the rain has subsided and that our beautiful Prairie sun can make an appearance every day. I’m trying to plan some beach days and nobody likes rain when you’re at the beach!

It’s lovely outside, quite lovely.

What is your favourite thing to do in the Summer? Do you hit the pool/beach or read a good book outside?


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