As a child I was an avid reader. I was always found in the school library scanning the shelves looking for the perfect book to read. By the seventh grade I read nearly all the books at the  public library close to my house. My parents instilled the love of books and reading at a very early age. My mother read to me on a daily basis when she was pregnant with me; it continued after I was born and she ensured that from an early age I could read – she broke out the flashcards when I was a year old. I was always two reading grades above the rest of my classmates and when they were stuck in the children’s section, I was already in the junior/teens. Sweet Valley High, anyone?!

All this reading eventually came to a head when in the 8th grade, I started to hate reading. Daily reading assignments and journal writing were the bane of my existence. In my reading journals, I wrote about books that I read as a kid… and I got away with it. I no longer wanted to read for leisure, it was becoming a chore. I read magazines because it was quick and not mundane. If I wasn’t required to read for school, I sure as heck wasn’t reading for leisure. This was even the rule during my university years. I tried reading books over the last few years but I quickly fell out of love with that idea and didn’t finish them at all.

Fast forward to now and I’m back on the book bandwagon. I took me two months to finish Ellen DeGeneres’ book, “Seriously… I’m Kidding”, and I loved every minute of it. Yes, it is an easy ready but you’re talking to someone who hated reading for the longest time. I placed an order earlier this week for two more books and I’m looking forward to the parcel arriving. I’m hoping that it doesn’t take me long to read them, but according to my track record, it just might. I just want to be able to sit outside on a lovely summer day with my book, a glass of cold iced tea and read away.

What is your favorite book of all-time? What book(s) are you currently reading? Where do you like to sit and read your book(s)?


2 thoughts on “Books.”

    1. I love biographies, history, mystery and fiction. I am very picky when it comes to reading so it’s hard for me to pick books. I ordered two new books – The Paris Wife & The Chaperone and they came today! I am so excited to read them!

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