To do list

Now that I’m done work for a little bit (for more info, tune in Monday for a post) I’ve got a to-do list that I want tackle and I’m not worried if it doesn’t get done right away. I think it’s a great little list and it will keep me occupied during the period I’m off of work.

Things to do this weekend:

  • Craft – I’m starting up at Etsy store where there will be paper crafts and jewelery for sale.
  • Farmers Market – I love supporting local businesses, especially farmers. My great-grandparents were farmers and I know how hard they worked for their goods. Plus, nothing is better than farm fresh produce such as cukes, onions, corn and fresh farm eggs
  • Errands and Appointments – I have several of those tomorrow, some bright and early, but it’s okay. I love my Saturday mornings!
  • Grey’s marathon – I have seasons 1, 3, 4 & 5 (I seriously need to purchase the remainder). I think Sunday is a perfect day for marathoning!
  • Movie night – We love our family movie nights… we pop popcorn, purchase candy from the dollar store and gather in front of the TV to watch a movie. We love this tradition.
  • Dates with girlfriends – I have several and I’m looking forward to some time with my best girls. Yes, food will be involved and one of them will be fun, educational and will take us somewhere across the world without leaving the city.

 Upcoming things to do:

  • Sell winter tires – Since I have purchased a new vehcile, the winter tires from my Stratus are sitting in the garage collecting dust. I’ve only used them, maybe, three winter seasons and they’re still in perfect condition (no punctures!). I can sell them for at least $350 to someone who really needs them. Plus, having the extra cash is good. I can put that towards my car payments! Or purchase new winter tires.
  • Clean garage – speaking of garage… ours is filthy, well not tidy, and my dad has been asking me to clean it for quite some time. My sister’s ex left it a disaster (how can someone do that to a garage that’s not even his?) and now we’re left to clean it (my dad’s tools on the floor, empty containers…). The floor has to be swept and washed (hosed down), misplaced tools need to be found and put in their proper place, and just plain organize everything.
  • Crafting – See above. I doubt all my crafting will get done in two days. Plus my mom and I want to go in business together, so this will be a perfect opportunity.
  • Blog more – With work and life stuff, blogging has taken a back burner and it’s quite the downer. I love writing and sharing my thoughts with everyone so with the time off I am hoping that I can blog more. I also have a redesign in mind for this blog… I want it to be fabulous!
  • In-province trips – Manitoba might be flat, but there are some cute little towns that need to be visited! My mom wants to take a day trip to the town her mom grew up in and I do too. I sure miss it and their bakery. We also have some awesome festivals coming up… check it out! I sure do love this little province!

 What’s on your to-do list?


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