I’ve decided to bring back the “Currently” feature to this blog. Feel feel to add this feature to your blog, and link up to mine in the comment section.

Loving: My three weeks off of work before going back for the new school year. It’s hard to believe that we’re going back in just three weeks, when it feels like we only started a couple of months ago. I love the smell of new school supplies, clothes shopping, getting a new hair cut and a trip to the dentist for super clean teeth. While I don’t school supply shop anymore, I have picked up a few office supplies to ease the addiction.

Reading: The Paris Wife. I told you it takes me a while to read a book. I was hooked from page 5, finding myself very much like Hadley. No rush to get married or have children, focused on her career (or lack there of) and helping her ailing parents. Then thrust into a fling with writer Earnest Hemingway, charmed by his ways. Oh, such a good book!

Watching: Suits. Why have I not been watching this before? Well, aside that we only attained HBO last year or so. Anyway, I love this show.

Thinking about: My job, my career. I’m always mulling it over, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

Anticipating: I don’t know if I’m anticipating anything. I’m on holidays so I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Wishing: I’m wishing for everything that I’m putting out there, will return with something good. If you throw it out there, it comes back to you.

Making me happy: I’m finally in a good place in my life and nothing that anyone can say about the choices I make are going to phase me. People can talk and give their opinions thinking that I should take what they say to heart and do it, but I’m not. I’ve finally learned that it’s my life and that only I can live it… so you can give your opinions but I’m not going to act on them. I have a plan and it’s going to work.


3 thoughts on “Currently”

  1. Oooh, I like this idea. I’ve been searching for inspiration and might just steal this idea. Also love Suits! Is it on HBO there? We get it on USA or TNT or whatever that channel is.

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