Autumn dreaming

Isn’t that photo amazing? I took this photo October 2007 on a bus trip to Minneapolis with coworkers. I love the various colours of red, orange and brown. Breathtaking.

Autumn has to be my second most favourite season, tied with Spring. Summer, obviously, being the first. And while I am still enjoying Summer, I am looking forward to the cool Autumn days and nights where it’s required to live in a cozy sweater, make apple cider, rake leaves and wear the most awesome socks in the world. The changing of the leaves are also a  bonus, the varying colours and the crumpling sound they make under your feet. I also love the smell. Yes, Autumn has a distinct smell and even Yankee Candle bottled that up. Those are some smart people over there at YC [Apple Cider and Autumn Leaves are amazing, plus they have a new scent – Harvest Welcome]!

Autumn has to be the most decorated season in my house. I have cute little decorations that go on the door September 1 and stay there until Christmas. I get into baking mode and bake a lot of pies, cookies and cakes to freeze for later; farmers markets are especially fun to visit this time of the year because of all the Fall goodness they have to offer.

Then there are the cool nights where you don a cozy sweater, snuggle into the couch and pull over a warm blanket. I sleep best when it’s cool at night and this is the one thing that I am looking forward to.

Autumn is such a pretty season… don’t you agree?

This pretty much sums up Autumn!

What is your favourite thing to do in Autumn and what are you looking forward to most?


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