I miss the most wonderful time of the year

Do you remember that feeling? You know what I’m talking about. The overwhelming feeling of excitement, so much excitement you just might pee yourself… your parents told you you’re going school supply shopping! It seemed like days were passing by as you were driving to the store, why couldn’t we get there faster?! The stacks of supplies – pencils, pens, crayons, binders… I felt like I won the lottery.

The smell of new supplies was an incredible high. The feel of new supplies, never been touched and they’re ready just for you. Your eyes carefully scan the shelves looking for the perfect items to put in your shiny new backpack. Taking your time as if your life was on the line…. what colours should I get? What brands are better? What will my BFF choose?!

Long gone are the days where you get excited over school supply shopping, but every time you step into the store during school supply year… all those memories and feelings come rushing back. I do miss those days and in order to still have that feeling, I now buy office supplies for my home office. Still makes me feel like I’m heading back to school without having to head back to school. It’s a win-win situation.

Post-It Notes Every office requires them. I’m addicted, really I am. Every colour, every shape, the stickier… the better. I use them to stay organized.

Binder Now that I’m the Chair for our neighbourhood residents association, I need a binder to keep all my notes, agendas, etc in. A trapper-keeper would be perfect! Did you know that most schools ban the use of Trapper Keepers?! WHAT?! NOOOOO!

Pens Not like I need more, but I am buying more. Pens have become about comfort when you’re writing and there are a few great ones on the market that I love.

Day planner Sure there’s your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, Blackberry Calendar and the one you have hanging on your fridge and while I use my Blackberry calendar quite frequently, I sure do love having a day planner in my bag. Whatever is in my Blackberry, is in my day planner. You know, just in case the BB freaks and deletes everything (like it has done before on numerous occasions).

What were your favorite things about back to school shopping? Do you still enjoy shopping for office supplies?


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