Easy peasy Apple Butter

You know how much I love Fall and you know how much I love cooking new recipes. While searching Pinterest a few weeks ago (gosh I do love Pinterest!) I found a recipe, a very easy recipe, for apple butter in the crock pot. I love the crock pot. How easy is it to put your food in there, set it and leave it?! Very easy.

Apple butter is delicious on pretty much anything, and I mean anything – crackers, toast, bagel, dip for apples or pears. So delicious.

I used the recipe from here. I cut down on the sugar (seriously, two cups of sugar ON TOP of the natural sugar from the apples?!) to 1/2 cup dark brown sugar and just a sprinkle of white sugar. I also omitted the salt and cloves; I left the lid on for the entire 10 hours, cranked it to 4 hours (high) the last hour and stirred every hour. To puree I put the warm mixture into my Magic Bullet and voila! Using 6 1/2 pound apples only yielded one mason jar of apple butter. Next time I’m using about 24 apples so I can yield more jars of it.



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