Around here

Life around here has been pretty good. I really cannot complain. I’m back on the school sub-list and I cannot be any more happier. While my income is tight and I’m on a budget, I am really excited to be back in the place that I love – schools. My time in the administration offices were full of valuable experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. But secretly, I was missing working in the schools and interacting with the kids.

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to meet three former Big Brother houseguests – Evel Dick, Janelle and Porche. They were in town to promote a new local coupon app. I won VIP tickets and had the chance to “mingle” with them before the show and after. Those in attendance got to watch the live show with them and then ask questions afterward… I outed Wil for the drama-queen he is – that backyard spewage about how Janelle didn’t help him one bit and he did it all on his own. I had to tell Janelle… she’s now my BFF. In my head. Evel Dick is the most sweetest person on the planet. Don’t let his TV persona fool you, he’s a huge teddy bear and he loves his fans. He also gives the best hugs. This was also my first time in a bar/club. It was also my last time in a bar/club. Even though it was a viewing party/meet-and-greet and I was with my friends, I was very uncomfortable in that setting and I nearly got into a fist fight with some girls who kept pushing and shoving in the VIP line trying to see them first. I mean, seriously?! What are you… five? Good gravy. It was a nice evening out.

The next day was my trip to visit family in Grand Forks and watch the parade. We didn’t go to the football game that night, instead watched it on TV… UND creamed Portland State. Went shopping, had a girls day with my cousin, watched more football and had an enjoyable time all around. I cherish my little trips to a great little city.

Earlier this month I had an echocardiogram done. During a routine physical this past June my doctor noticed a murmur while listening to my heart. I found out that I’ve always had one and it was never an issue before, so he set me up with the echo to see what was going in. I was very nervous and extremely petrified. What else could they have possibly found? What will they find? Will I ever be let back in the gym?! I received the results earlier this week – the murmur is fine and everything is normal. Phew. A load of stress is taken off my shoulders, and heart. Although, during the echo I did get to see what my heart looked like and I had an emotional moment. There it was on the screen, beating in its glory, pumping my blood through its chambers to keep me alive. I’ve seen what a healthy heart looks like and everything looked good – the thickness of the walls/chambers were normal, the valves were working properly, blood flow was equal and excellent and the sound… to hear your own heartbeat is just amazing.

I’ve also decided to get back into web design. Now, I don’t know if I’ll do it as a full-time job but I sure do miss it. I will be teaching myself XHTML/CSS/HTML5. I really want to customize this blog with personalized coding and even though I took two courses last year on web design, my mind has already gone blank. Books have been reserved at the library and soon I’ll be sticking my nose is them.

Around here it’s been pretty quiet and relaxing. It’s also been full of planning, scheming, making goals and having fun.


2 thoughts on “Around here”

  1. “This was also my first time in a bar/club. It was also my last time in a bar/club.”

    Bahahaha. Give me a good pub over a club any day. I wish my 18-year-old self had known that…sigh.

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